Programming & Coding possibilities

We offer options like:
Assisted Drive Coding / Self Drive / Tesla Mode
Video In Motion
Bowers & Wilkins Sound Profiles
NBT to NBT_EVO Software Upgrade
Full Screen Apple Carplay Activation / Retrofit
Enhanced Bluetooth
Regional Changes of imported Vehicles (Asia, Europe ECE, South / North America) 
DRL Checkbox In Settings Menu
Start/Stop Toggle

Other possible coding examples are below:

Ambient light Colours

Turn off Horn on Secure Feature when Locking with Engine Running

Comfort +

Sport +

EcoPro +

Fold mirrors with warning lights on

Instrument cluster : M Performance / M power / Alpina

Increase refresh rate

Motorsport M logo display

Auto Start/Stop Memory

Sunroof automatic close after 6 hours

Sunroof automatic close when sensor detects water/rain

M Dynamic DSC Mode

Tyre temperature and pressure display in Instrument Cluster

Bowers & Willkins Signature Audio sound 3D

M logo display Idrive boot

Macro Trailer camera zoom

Sport Individual – adjustment dampers

Voice comands for : activate cruise control , open windows , change temperature

Sailing mode in Eco Pro

Air Condition setting for cooler air summer time

Disable Legal disclaimer

Start car in Eco Pro or Sport Driving Mode

Turn off Lights on the Off / 0 Position

Enable Windows to Close when Doors are Open

Change Sport Theme from Red to Grey

Fuel suggestion stop

Automatic time setup online

Daytime running lights option in I-drive

Turn off completely daytime running lights

5-times turn signal flash 1 touch press

Enable After blow climate –after engine off can press auto button for 40 seconds air blow

Tailgate /boot close 1 touch

Tailgate warning sounds open / close

Enable Traffic Light assist

Enable Automatic Lane change assistant

Enable Speed limit assistant

Enable Emergency Lane formation

Enable Narrow road warning

Enable driver attention camera option disable

Enable rear DRL option

Valet trunk close option

Control Exhaust Valves from I-drive

Enable Shift lights M performance style

Reverse angle mirror fix passenger side from 90 degrees ( to low ) for 45 degrees

Disable seatbelt warning

Enable auto steering wheel heating

Enable instrument cluster diming fix daytime/common issue from window tints (to dark)

M logo display on display keys

Enable Anti-Dazzle headlights

Brake force flash display flickering

Disable Active Sound Design (Artificial Engine Sound)

Enable Remember A/C Compressor Off Mode

Change default driving mode EcoPro, Adaptive, Comfort, Sport, Sport+

Activate Warning Sounds put gearbox in R

Change fuel alarm when left 8/12/13 litres /gallons

Change dashboard highlight more visible 50%

When press P button doors automatic unlocking

Change Warning Chimes / PDC Sounds to BMW / Mini / Rolls Royce / BMW I

Change Default Distance on Adaptive Cruise Control

Coding is subject to car specs and year, please contact us for details.

We also offer coding / programming for Toyota Supra as it’s built on BMW Chassis the new Toyota Supra is actually a BMW Z4 in very stylish Japanese clothing.

We use OEM original BMW tools to program your car. We have years of experience in dealing with BMW Mini or Rolls Royce.